Top 11 Things to Experience on an Arctic Expedition

Dreaming of experiencing the Arctic highlights? On an expedition cruise you can experience everything the Arctic has to offer – an experience that is both value-packed and hassle free.

During winter adventure awaits in every nook and corner of the Norwegian winter fjords. Dock up and explore the Northern region. Go dog sledding through beautiful landscapes. Meet the majestic orcas and humpback whales in their natural habitat. Chase the Northern Lights every night. And make memories for life! Onboard an expedition cruise all the activities has been organized for you  – all you need to do is lean back and find your thirst for adventure.

1. Northern Lights – Nature’s Magical Light Show

One of the most enchanting spectacles you can experience in the Arctic is undoubtedly the Northern Lights. Watch hues of green, pink and blue swirls dance across the sky. An arctic expedition cruise lets you chase the Northern Lights every evening while you have a front-row seat to this magical light show. Even with low solar activity this Tromso region is the place in the world to see the Northern Lights! Read about the best time and place to see the Northern Lights here.

2. Snowmobiling – a Thrilling Ride 

Glide across a pristine white canvas, in the midst of a beautiful winter wonderland. The Norwegian Arctic expedition cruises will dock up in popular spots offering a range of exciting activities. A snowmobile safari in the Arctic lets you take part in an action-filled adventure while immersing yourself in breathtaking scenery. Experience the thrills of hushing through the snowy trails surrounded by towering mountains and frozen fjords. Read more about snowmobiling in Norway.

3. Dog Sledding – Make New Memories With our Fluffy Friends

Let the eager huskies whisk you away through the Arctic wilderness as you embark on a thrilling dog sledding ride. Relax in the back of the sled or try being a musher for the day and drive your own husky team. These dogs love to run and are eager to greet you and lead the way on an unforgettable adventure. 

4. Sami Culture  – Learn More About the Indigenous People of Norway

A journey to the Arctic would be complete without a deep dive into the rich Nordic history. And the best and most authentic way to learn about Norway’s culture is an encounter with our indigenous Sami people. Visiting a Sami camp allows you to gain insights into their deep-rooted culture, unique way of life, and remarkable connection with nature. On some excursions you can even take part in authentic activities like reindeer sledding, lasso throwing and reindeer feeding. Read more about the Sami people here.

5. Whale Watching – Meet the Majesties of the Sea

During the winter period massive amounts of herring come to  the Northern Norwegian coastline to spawn. The whales go where the fish go, so this event attracts huge accumulations of orcas, humpback whales and other species who come to feast on the herring. Meet these majestic creatures in their natural habitat! On some cruises you can even board a zodiac to get a close up view of this extraordinary marvel. Read more about whale watching in Tromsø here.

6. Bird Watching – Spot Incredible Bewinged Creatures 

Did you know that the Arctic is a haven for bird lovers? Witness the bustling activity of seabird colonies like Atlantic puffins and guillemots as they navigate the frigid waters and cliffs. Or spot the majestic golden eagle flying high in the sky above you.Also, the Steller’s Eider migrate south from their Arctic breeding grounds to overwinter in the Arctic region, giving you the opportunity to spot it during your expedition. 

 Photo: Roger Brendhagen

7. Photography Sessions – Catch Awesome Memories on Camera

The Arctic landscape is a treasure trove for photography enthusiasts looking to capture their memories on film. The strong contrast between snow-covered mountains, ice cold waters and the soft hues of the skies creates an epic backdrop for any photo. Still, when it comes to Arctic photography backdrops, few things can beat the Northern Lights. Some cruises offer photography and Northern Lights photo sessions increasing the chance of you returning with the million dollar shot! 

Photo: Roger Brendhagen

8. Stay Comfortably – Enjoy the Comfort of Ship 

After a day of Arctic adventures and exhilarating activities, you will appreciate returning to the warm and comfortable ship. Most Arctic expedition cruises are equipped with cozy lounges, heated cabins and panoramic views of the icy landscapes. The Quest expedition cruises even have an all-inclusive offer, including all meals and a range of activities. This allows you to experience all the Arctic highlights in one trip and have everything you need to stay comfortable. As a bonus, this offer is even cheaper than if you were to book accommodation, food and activities separately.

9. Taste the Arctic – Enjoy a Local Cuisine and Tasty Treats 

Delight your taste buds with a culinary journey through the Arctic's distinctive flavors. The region's cuisine draws inspiration from the land and sea, offering a taste of the local way of life. From freshly caught seafood to traditional dishes prepared with local ingredients, each meal reflects the unique character of the Arctic.

10. Explore the Local Culture – Visit Important Landmarks and Museums

The Arctic has a rich history for you to explore. Visit historic sites and museums to get a deeper understanding of the region’s important past. From polar exploration centers to cultural museums, each site tells a  part of the Arctic history. Stop by Barøy Lighthouse and learn about the key role and operation of the lighthouse. Catch the Arctic Train and travel through a unique, beautiful, and varied landscape. Visit the Full Steam Museum – learn about the Northern Norwegian history and try delicious food in a traditional Nordic dining atmosphere.

11 Fjellheisen

Take the Fjellheisen Cable Car to the top of Storheisen Mountain and enjoy amazing views of Tromsø city. if you are on an expedition cruise with a photographer, you will learn  photo techniques to help you capture the Northern Lights on camera. During winter time this is one of the best places in Tromso to capture photos of the Northern Lights.

Set Sail for an Epic Adventure

An arctic expedition is a great way to experience all the Arctic highlights in one trip. During 5-6 days you can try authentic activities like dog sledding and whale watching, catch the Northern Lights, try local delicacies and get close to the Arctic nature and history. Ready for an adventure?  Pack your bags and set off for the journey of a lifetime.

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