Experience the Arctic Wonders of Northern Norway

Experience the Arctic Wonders of Northern Norway

Experience the Arctic wonders of Northern Norway

Full board expedition cruises

Welcome to the ultimate Arctic adventure

Where nature's wonders await you on board the Quest expedition cruise. Join us on an extraordinary journey through the winter fjords of Northern Norway. Our experienced expedition team is here to ensure you make the most of your expedition, providing high-quality lectures and guided excursions.

All our experiences are all-inclusive, from meals and transfers to wildlife photography tips and historical insights. Quest offers comfort with a panoramic lounge, cozy ocean-facing cabins, and Arctic cuisine. Safety is paramount, as you'll receive expert guidance and briefings before sailing off.

We focus on the magic of the Arctic without the hassle and provide you with everything you need to create memories that will last a lifetime.
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The Arctic Coastal Kitchen

Truly unique possibilities

Prepare to be spellbound! Join our cruises as we navigate through the heart of the Aurora Oval Zone, offering you exclusive front-row seats to witness the mesmerising Northern Lights and many other excursions. Your adventure awaits!

Northern Lights Chase

During our cruises we sail through the centre of the Aurora Oval Zone, giving you a great chance to catch the spectacular light show first hand.

Whale Safari

From November to February huge numbers of herrings enter the coastline of Northern Norway to spawn, and every winter the whales, especially orcas and humpbacks, come to this area to take part in this massive herring feast.

Fjellheisen Cable Car

The Fjellheisen Cable Car lifts you to the top of Storheisen Mountain where you can enjoy spectacular views of Tromsø city. Our expert photographer will teach you photo techniques to help you capture the Northern Lights on camera.

Arctic Train

From Narvik to the Swedish border, the Arctic Train takes you through a unique, beautiful, and varied landscape – from beautiful fjords to rough alpine terrain.

Husky Farm

On every cruise we will visit one of our husky farms. On the campsite you will get an introduction to dog sledding before setting off on a husky adventure in beautiful surroundings.
 Roger Brendhagen 

Sami Culture

On each cruise we will give you an introduction to the Sami culture. During winter a Sami will hold a lecture giving you a glimpse into the lifestyle, and on spring cruises we will visit a heder's farm.

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